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Nonprofit & Association Management

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We can customize a wide array of soft skills and association management topics for your next meeting or conference.

Board and Committee Development
Building Successful Teams
Change Management
Communication Skills
Conflict Management
Customer Service
Decision Making/Problem Solving
Intro to Management Skills
Leadership Skills
Managing Difficult People
Meeting Management
Membership Development
Negotiation Skills
Office Essentials
Presentations Skills
Project Management
Strategic Planning
Stress Management
Supervisory Skills
Team Building
Time Management
Volunteer Leadership

Nonprofit & Association Management Training Programs Help You in:

Developing Strong, Productive Committees

Committees are the lifeblood of nonprofits. When those committees function well, they can make significant contributions to an organization’s success. The way people volunteer for boards and committees has changed tremendously over the years.  In the 1950’s, when many nonprofits were formed, the volunteer model was based on utilizing people who had abundant time. Today’s economic climate has made it more challenging for leaders to lead and people to serve. Volunteer time and financial resources have diminished even as the need for competent leaders has grown. Participants will learn how recruit, cultivate and support new leaders.

Leadership, Power and Delegation

Working with nonprofit leaders to determine their leadership style, understanding the type of power they have, and then being able to delegate is key to organizational success.  When a plan has been developed to move an association forward into the future, leadership must help everyone envision that plan and their place in it.  Once the vision is widely understood, delegation takes place to ensure that everyone on the board and committees understands their roles and responsibilities.

Moving Beyond the Nominating Committee Process

Convincing people to lead has become increasingly difficult. Volunteers in all organizations are becoming more discerning with large numbers of individuals volunteering fewer hours.  In this session, participants will discover strategies for recruiting and retaining dedicated board members.

Membership Development

Recruitment is not the first step in expanding a membership base, obtaining board members, committee members, or volunteers.  It is part of a larger process that can assist an association to develop internal strength to serve its members.  Through either workshops or consultation, Long and Short Associates can assist with establishing the parameters for a well-organized recruitment plan that targets specific skills that are needed to fulfill specific task within the organization.members.


Effective leadership is a key element in the smooth operation of any organization and a core competency for association leaders and managers.  Knowing when and how to use different styles of leadership will ensure a more productive association.  This course addresses various leadership styles, looks at the advantages and disadvantages of each, examines the use of power, and addresses the differences between being a manager and being a leader.

Project Management

Projects and project management have been around since the beginning of time.  All successful projects are linked to an organization’s mission and use the fundamentals of project management from initiation through close out to obtain desired outcomes.  Let us know if you would like to work with Long and Short Associates to develop a framework for an upcoming project or if you would like to participate in a day-long workshop about project management. All project management concepts are based on the Project Management Book Of Knowledge.